It is with great pleasure that I write this reference for Dalia Berlin, Berlin Design.
I have known Dalia for over five years and known her to be a true artist in her field as an Interior Designer. Her vision is above and beyond any other designer that I have worked with and her attention to detail and determination on what she sees in a space is truly impressive and inspirational. I would without hesitation recommend Dalia to anyone considering hiring her services to design their property be it either commercial property or private residence. I know that Dalia has done both with utmost professionalism and the fact that she is a wonderful person to deal with is obviously also a plus. If you want a unique, artistic and fabulous creation, you need to hire Dalia and Berlin Design. Feel free to call me for further details.

Interiors that lift your spirits®
Miami FL. 33179
Phone: +1.305.331.3350
Dalia Berlin, ASID, LEED AP FL Lic. ID 0003623

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