Updating your Office Waiting Room

waiting room

Your office waiting room is often the first place that clients and other office visitors see. What’s more, they often spend time sitting there, so they’ll be paying close attention to the decor. Make sure you are making the best first impression possible by updating your office waiting room with the best decor and interior […]

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Reasons Why you Should Hire an Interior Designer

If you want your home interior design to look its very best, hiring an interior designer is the way to go. It takes some practice to design spaces that really speak to their owners, and interior designers have the skills and know-how to make your dream space a reality. Here’s a look at five more […]

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Strategies for Building a Green Office Design

green office initiatives

Green office design can not only make your office more appealing and comfortable, but it can also give you good PR with clients who are interested in promoting environmental sustainability. If you’re interested in incorporating some green design ideas into your work space, Berlin Designs has plenty ideas that might interest you. Below are some […]

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Bathroom Innovations to Consider Fresh From KBIS

Designer cabinet pulls

Each year, the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) features the newest bathroom innovations that can make your bathing experience even more luxurious. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom or building a completely new one, you’ll want to keep these ideas in mind. Incorporating even one idea can take a bathroom design from […]

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Ideas for Blending Materials and Textures In Your Home

blending materials with interior design

Don’t be scared about the idea of blending materials and textures in your home. The right interior design can take elements from multiple inspirations to combine the perfect look for your space.  Our South Florida interior designers don’t run away from the ideas of mixing and matching design elements; we embrace the thought. Contemporary Living […]

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Projects We Like: The Augmented Reality Table at the Hive


When creating a space for information, there is nothing quite like interactive design. An augmented reality table such as the one at The Hive gets people involved and even having fun as they learn key information regarding the company, as well as services and more. When a guest enters a room that’s been created with […]

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The Importance of Using Texture in Design

using texture in design

Nature provides a true palette when it comes to blending texture and color. Look around any park or shoreline and see the smorgasbord of colors and the textures that make up each environment.  Incorporating this texture in design at home or at the office can really pay off hugely when guests or clients visit. Contemporary […]

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Understanding Traffic Flow Can Dictate Your Focal Points

office traffic flow

Interior designers understand that a thought-provoking focal point is an advantage in any public space. This is especially true when the goal is getting people to and from an area in the most efficient manner possible with positive traffic flow. Determining what the focal point will be is the first step when planning the appropriate […]

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Upcoming Trends in Hospitality Design

growing trends in hospitality design

At Berlin Designs, we’ve noticed some upcoming trends in hospitality design that are getting more and more attention. These trends are aimed at improving and retaining clients and patients in your office by improving their time in office. Contemporary Entry by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Jain Malkin Inc. via Houzz Making clients and patients feel […]

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