Updating your Office Waiting Room

waiting room

Your office waiting room is often the first place that clients and other office visitors see. What’s more, they often spend time sitting there, so they’ll be paying close attention to the decor. Make sure you are making the best first impression possible by updating your office waiting room with the best decor and interior […]

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How to Transform your Hotel Space Using Feng Shui

feng shui

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is based on creating balance in one’s space. Believers in the discipline assert that controlling the flow of energy in a room can lead to a harmony with the environment and a better balance of emotions. If you’re looking for a way to make your hotel more appealing, […]

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Paying Attention to Focal Points–The Big Payoff

When choosing the right interior design elements for your hotel, there is one thing you should really hone in on: creating focus points. Creating luxurious features throughout your hotel will make it much more attractive to guests, and will lead to a bigger payout in the long-run. Here’s a look at several ways to create […]

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How to Choose the Right Overhead Lighting for Your Space

choosing the right lighting

When it comes to developing a décor for a room, many non-professionals will overlook the impact that the right lighting source will have on the overall effect. Here are a few tips for the professional interior designer to help them overcome this problem: Traditional Living Room by Victoria Architects & Designers Christopher Developments via Houzz Choosing […]

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Light Art That Boggle Your Senses

ANY ART EXHIBIT THAT BEGINS WITH A WARNING SIGN (“SOME INSTALLATIONS CONTAIN ARTIFICIAL MIST, FLASHING, OR STROBE LIGHTING”) IS DESTINED FOR SUCCESS. “One might not think of light as a matter of fact,” said Dan Flavin at the height of his career in 1987. “But I do. It is as plain and open and direct […]

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Spiro lamp by LZF

Spiro lamp esigned by Spanish designer Remedios Simón for LZF (Luzifer lighting), is named after its structural design; delicate concentric wood modules, through which light flows. The decorative, hypnotic spiral shapes, with their curved lines, will let your inner creativity shine. This new way of shaping the Polywood® veneer opens new possibilities to incorporate these […]

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No Ordinary Lamp: Breathtaking Light Structures by Ayala Serfaty

As if pulled straight from the sea, Ayala Serfaty beckons the great blue oceanic beings in her Light Structures that illuminate spaces with graceful curves in all shapes and sizes. The Israeli-born artist is the head designer at the lighting and furniture atelier known as Aqua Creations and has been a main attraction at the show circuit throughout the world.  Like […]

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A Grand Custom Chandelier

An idea is born from an image as inspiration. To create a twinkle effect of varying heights with petal like Murano Glass hand-blown. Well designers often seek the unavailable, of course! So the maximum number of lights on a single canopy from the manufacturer is 11 and I want the magic number 21. Lo and […]

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Mistral Tornado by Daniel Wurtzel ~ Moooi

Be inspired: A beautiful shade, a light in the darkness, a sparkling idea, simple and effective… and now even an electrifying & artistic cyclone! A total integration of a merging design+experiences! Mistral Tornado from Moooi on Vimeo.  

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Ylighting brings Spanish designer overseas

Gandia Blasco from Ylighting Gandia Blasco was born in 1941 as a family business in Valencia, basing its activity in the manufacture of blankets and traditional bedspreads. This activity was kept for more than 40 years until it was decided to give the company a strategic change in the mid-1980s. Gandia Blasco decided to change […]

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