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ART BASEL Recap: Design Escape Talks

ART BASEL Recap: Miami Ironside’s Design Escape Talks Features World-Renowned Designers Ofer Mizrahi, founder of art and design oasis Miami Ironside in Miami’s Upper Eastside, hosted two Design Escape talks during Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 featuring Belgrade Design Week founder and curator Jovan Jelovac; Swiss designer Tom Strala; LAUFEN’s director of marketing and products […]

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Updating your Office Waiting Room

waiting room

Your office waiting room is often the first place that clients and other office visitors see. What’s more, they often spend time sitting there, so they’ll be paying close attention to the decor. Make sure you are making the best first impression possible by updating your office waiting room with the best decor and interior […]

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How to Implement Color Psychology In Hospitality Spaces

The colors chosen for a room’s interior can have a significant impact on the way its occupants feel. This effect is known as color psychology, and it can be applied to a hotel’s interior design. Color psychology for hotels works much like it does for homes, with some slight differences. Here are some tips on […]

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Exotic Design Ideas for a Warm-Weather Hotel

Luxurious warm-weather hotels provide a great opportunity to include exotic interior design features. Whether your hotel is right by the ocean or tucked away near a lake or lagoon, there are several design possibilities to consider. Here are some ideas for exotic features to include in your hotel: A variety of guest room options. Instead […]

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Finishing Ideas to Bring Out the Luxury In a Hotel

Luxury hotels offer guests an upscale, relaxing place to enjoy a vacation. In addition to high-end amenities, these hotels often have a wide range of design features that add to their luxurious appearance. If you’re looking for other features to boost your property’s appeal, consider the following luxury hotel design ideas: Fireplaces. A lounge fireplace […]

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3 Inspiring Hotel Restaurant Design Ideas

A luxury hotel restaurant offers more than just an impressive menu. It also provides guests with a chance to enjoy a fine dining experience in impressive surroundings. The restaurant’s overall design should make guests feel comfortable and relaxed, regardless of what the exact design details are. You can learn quite a bit about hotel restaurant […]

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Features to Include In Your Luxury Hotel Design

The luxury hotel business is highly competitive, and hotel owners need to stay current on the newest trends in luxury hotel design. Clients may be looking out for some of the following popular trends, and as a hotel owner you can incorporate some of these trends into your own luxury hotel if they’re appropriate for your establishment and […]

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What Defines a Luxury Hotel?

elements of luxury hotel design

These days, it can be difficult to identify an establishment that really deserves the “luxury” distinction. With many different companies looking to cash in on the advantages of being recognized as “luxury” providers of products and services, the term luxury is often abused and misplaced. Yet there are some defining luxury hotel characteristics that potential guests will […]

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Ideas for Creating the Perfect Luxury Hotel

Guests who are staying at a hotel want to enjoy luxury during their visit, and this means that a hotel should be designed to cater to the needs and desires of its clientele. The most successful hotels maximize luxury and impress guests by carefully considering even the smallest design details in hotel rooms and communal areas. […]

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Luxury Hotel Features to Include On Your Property

ITC Maratha

It’s a good idea to look to other famous hotels around the world when searching for inspiration on incorporating luxury hotel design into your own property. Embracing luxury design ideas is important if you want to give your guests the very best during their hotel stays. Here are a few luxury hotel design ideas taken from […]

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