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How to Transform your Hotel Space Using Feng Shui

feng shui

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is based on creating balance in one’s space. Believers in the discipline assert that controlling the flow of energy in a room can lead to a harmony with the environment and a better balance of emotions. If you’re looking for a way to make your hotel more appealing, […]

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Paying Attention to Focal Points–The Big Payoff

When choosing the right interior design elements for your hotel, there is one thing you should really hone in on: creating focus points. Creating luxurious features throughout your hotel will make it much more attractive to guests, and will lead to a bigger payout in the long-run. Here’s a look at several ways to create […]

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Hotel Design Trends to Watch Out For Next Year

Hotel design tips

Hotel design is constantly evolving toward new ways to indulge hotel guests and enhance hotel environments with creative solutions that respond to different social changes that are constantly taking place. Hotels that are successful at astounding guests with their cutting edge designs know how to find and capitalize on the best new trends that come to […]

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How to Incorporate Minimalist Design into Your Home

Minimalist Design

Do you cringe at the sight of cluttered, over decorated spaces? A minimalist design might be right for your home. This increasingly common type of interior design relies on simplicity, including just the essentials and creating beauty in the emptiness. Minimalist designs rely on building materials and placement to create balanced and visually interesting looks. […]

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Tips for Determining the Best Living Room Layout

Living room layout tips

When working with your interior design team to create the room of your dreams, one of the factors that you will probably spend a lot of time thinking about is the living room layout. It can be difficult to settle on a final layout — there are so many factors to consider! Here are some […]

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The Spring Series: for the undecided

For all those clients who remain undecided on which fabric they love most, speaks to them most or whose committee board cannot arrive to an agreement: Astbury Green has the perfect answer in their new spring collection. The Bespoke Chair retails at about £1295.00.   Each chair is available as snuggler (both arms low), off-set […]

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Staying up to date with CEU’s

Keeping up with trends and design practices can be and is, indeed a full-time job. On the one hand you must take the CEU’s to keep you license in ‘current’ status, thus a chore. On the other having the choices of what to attend not only keeps you informed but let’s you hone in and […]

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