Vertical green walls of nature

Vertical Green walls of nature bring your spaces to life and  virtually maintenance free, no water needed!

Can you imagine something more fascinating than seeing the future? How about building it? Harvesting it? Or better yet, planting it. Plant the Future by Paloma Teppa  in the Wynwood area of Miami brings nature to your interiors with a delicate balance of nature and art.

vertical wall garden IMG_3967

PLANT THE FUTURE was founded in 2008 by Paloma Teppa,  industrial designer and artist. Paloma’s passion is to fuse art, design, architecture and nature, constantly pushing the barrier of her artistic expression through new and innovative creations.

” The need to re-affirm our link with nature and to be surrounded with living plants is fundamental. I feel it is more important than ever to utilize design to reestablish our contact with nature to generate harmony in our lives and our surroundings. The more we connect with nature, the more peaceful we feel.

I seek to design objects that value the beauty of nature such as the colors, textures and smells of a garden. Objects that breathe and naturally purify our homes.I find magical secrets hiding in every garden. My miniature gardens portray an ideal world where plants and animals live in harmony and cared by humans. It is an exercise to raise our consciousness every day.”         – Paloma Teppa

Let our design team at Berlin Designs bring green walls into your spaces: NO water needed!


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