How to Use Artwork to Create a Focal Point

Have you ever walked into a room that made you feel as though your attention was drawn towards one central, beautiful image? That room did an excellent job of using a piece of art as a focal point. All other decor served a subservient role — to point your eyes towards that artwork and not let them stray away for too long. Using art to create a focal point is one of the newest hotel interior design trends. You’ll have to play around with different arrangements to discover what works in your particular room, but here are a few tips to get you started:

Using art as a focal point

Source: Loans & Lifestyle / Mark Lawrence

  • Try choosing a piece of artwork that has colors that contrast with the other colors in the room. For example, you could create a monochromatic room, using various shades of grays, blackm and white on the walls and furniture. Then, place a bold, red painting on the wall. Executed properly, this creates a look that the eye can’t escape.
  • Add interesting items around the piece of art, so that the eye is drawn toward it. This is easier if your artwork is, for example, displayed above a mantel. Placing interesting figurines and trinkets on the mantel adds character.
  • A key to creating a focal point is maintaining balance. Make sure that both sides of the room opposite the painting are evenly weighted. This does not mean that they must be identical, just that there must be an equal amount of decor on both sides.

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