Updating your Office Waiting Room

Your office waiting room is often the first place that clients and other office visitors see. What’s more, they often spend time sitting there, so they’ll be paying close attention to the decor. Make sure you are making the best first impression possible by updating your office waiting room with the best decor and interior designs. Here are a few office interior design tips to get you started.

waiting room

Source: Houzz

  • Use an attractive area rug to add color to the floor. This will draw the eye downward and give the room a balanced look. Make sure the rug you choose sports a unique pattern or texture. The best ones can serve as conversation pieces.
  • Add some green plants. They add a natural feeling to your space, and green is a very refreshing, neutral color that will match most any decor. Just make sure you remember to water them regularly, so they stay looking healthy.
  • Consider the minimalist look. Oftentimes, a few pieces of very ornate furniture, and a couple of extremely innovative paintings look better than a lot of cluttered decorations.
  • Provide comfortable seating. The days of hard chairs and proper tables in waiting rooms are over. Opt instead for a comfortable sofa and a few soft chairs, so that multiple visitors do not have to sit too close together if they don’t want to.
  • Get the lighting right. Bright, clinical lighting tends to make people nervous. Choose a softer, quieter light to keep visitors comfortable. You may want to consider using lamps instead of standard overhead lighting.

Our South Florida interior designers are experts at giving waiting rooms and other office spaces the look you crave. Contact us to discuss your favorite office interior design ideas today.

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