Top Color Schemes to Paint Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Doesn’t it make sense to paint it a color that really speak to you and makes you feel at ease? These top kitchen color schemes do just that.

kitchen design ideas


Red – When you start your morning in a red kitchen, you become energized and invigorated. This vibrant color really pops, especially when paired with more subtle neutrals, such as light brown and white, or even black and white. A red, black and white kitchen can take on a vintage look, adding artistic character to your home.

Gray – Gray may sound drab, but the right shade can serve as the base for a lovely kitchen. Add a splash of color here and there to shake things up. If you’re afraid of using too much gray, use it as a cabinet color. It will add a soothing feeling to the space.

Green – According to color psychology, green stands evokes feelings of harmony and balance. If you love bright colors in the kitchen, there is no better choice than a natural grass green. Accentuate it with touches of rust and gray for a very modern look.

Blue – Blue has always been a popular color for kitchens because it pairs with most anything and evokes feelings of relaxation. For a more upbeat vibe, pair blue with touches of yellow and red. For a more laid-back room, use a light blue with a little brown and cream for accents.

If you’re looking for ways to integrate the latest in color psychology and these great colors into your home decor, contact Berlin Designs. Our South Florida interior designers are experienced in working with a wide array of different styles, and will help you find the perfect color scheme for your kitchen.

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