Keep Your Employees Creative With These Office Design Tips

Do you have an office full of creatives? Are your employees complaining about having a creative block that you can’t figure out how to fix? When you work in a creative industry, it’s important to offer your employees a space that doesn’t  kill their inspiration. That’s why we at Berlin Designs are sharing these ideas for creative office designs that will allow your employees’ imaginations to flourish instead of wither away under fluorescent lights and drab cubicles.

Keep Your Employees Creative With These Office Design Tips


The first thing to remember when designing an office space for creatives is to keep the environment open and friendly. Allow your employees to bring in personal items that make them happy or give them inspiration. These artifacts will brighten up a dull office while building a sense of community as the office works together to set the mood with their decorations.

Another thing to keep in mind when designing an office to foster creativity is to forget conventional office set-ups and embrace non-traditional design instead. For example, instead of providing individual cubicles for your employees, why not offer spaces that can be shared and encourage collaboration? Try large, family-style tables instead of desks, and padded pods instead of conference areas.

Lastly, take cues from your employees to see what kind of environment is best for them. Instead of planning out a grand plan in your mind without any input from the people who will spend most of their time in the space, try observing them first to see what their needs are as a team. Are they in need of comfortable spaces to kick back while brainstorming? Maybe they need an open space to pace back and forth as they work through difficult concepts. Let the employees set the tone for the office and they will perform much better.

Are you looking for a South Florida Commercial Designer to help you plan an office space that your employees will love? Contact us today at Berlin Designs to help turn your office from lackluster to inspiring.

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