Finishes to Add Some Extra Luxury to Your Hospitality Space

Adding certain luxury finishes to hotel room designs can go a long way in enhancing a guest’s stay and impressing guests with a hotel’s meticulous attention to detail. Berlin Designs incorporates luxury finishes into hotel interior designs to create rooms that cater to every possible guest need. The following are some important luxury finishes to consider in designing hospitality spaces that impress and keep repeat guests coming back for more.

  • Bathroom fixtures- Faucets, showers, sinks, and bathtubs in a hotel room should emit elegance and work together visually to create a comfortable and harmonious space.
  • Bay windows- Bay windows undoubtedly have an almost dreamy luxuriousness to them, and they can contribute to the lighting and spaciousness of an interior.
  • Automation- If your hotel typically hosts a tech-savvy clientele, you might want to look into automation options that can enhance the convenience of a stay at your hotel.
  • Creating an accommodating desk area- Guests may need to get some work done during their stay, and they will definitely appreciate a computer desk that can accommodate their laptop or other work equipment.

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