Bamboo Flooring for your Living Room

Bamboo flooring offers a chic and eco-friendly way to bring wood into your living room. Bamboo is durable, easy to maintain, and able to resist water better than other types of wood flooring.

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There are many bamboo design options available for living room floors. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Consider different shades. While natural bamboo floors have a very light appearance, you can also get a bamboo floor in a richer shade, such as caramel or honey, or have it stained a different color altogether to match your living room better. A lighter floor will make the room look more spacious and open, while a darker floor provides a more intimate and dramatic look.
  • Choose a look. Depending on the construction process used for your bamboo floor, it will have a different appearance. Floors that are vertically constructed have a very streamlined, linear appearance, while horizontally constructed floors have a “knuckled” look that closely resembles bamboo stalks. Woven bamboo floors have an exotic look that can include different lengths and colors.
  • Get a contemporary look. A wide-plank engineered bamboo floor can give your living room a contemporary look. This type of bamboo floor is also highly durable.

If you have another type of wood floor installed in your kitchen, dining room or other area that connects to your living room, it’s best to have professional interior designers in South Florida help you choose a bamboo design for your new floor. You’ll want a bamboo floor that will blend as seamlessly as possible with the floor of the adjoining room, rather than creating a jarring contrast.

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